Financial Disputes Resolution Commission (FDRC)
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Phone: +93 (0) 202510614
Office line: Available Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Address: Dehmazang Square, Behind Russian Cultural Center, Kabul Afghanistan.
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About FDRC

What is FDRC!

The FDRC is established in accordance with Article 106 of The Da Afghanistan Bank Law which states, A Commission shall be established to resolve financial disputes in an amicable manner before the matters are taken to the court of law.” It is a specialized forum dedicated to independent, transparent, efficient, and technically sound resolution of complex regulatory matters in the banking and telecommunication sectors. It is designed to hear disputed financial cases prior to judicial proceedings on a mediation bases, and to perform the functions specified in the Banking Law, the Da Afghanistan Bank Law, and Law on Regulation Telecommunication Services[1]. For administrative purposes, the FDRC budget flows through Da Afghanistan Bank budget, but the Commission functions independently. The Commission is comprised of six professional members three of whom are lawyers proposed by the Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank and appointed by the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the remaining three are experienced accountants proposed by the Minister of Finance and appointed by the President. The Commission is headed by a Chairman, who is selected from amongst the lawyer members by the Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank and appointed by the President. The Commission is authorized to hire administrative staff as its workload requires. For more information, please go to Laws and Regulations.